National Workshop organized by the project IMPULSE

03.03 2016


In the period 23 - 24.02.2016 the IMPULSE project supported AREC to organize two-day workshop on a topic "INSPIRE and mass valuation".


IMPULSE project is intended to support national cadastre and  mapping agencies from the region in the process of implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, and the establishment of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). The expected outcomes of the workshop was building capacities of the institutions responsible for implementation of the INSPIRE Directive and increased awareness  about cooperation and sharing of  geospatial data  through services.



In the opening session of the workshop Ms. Christina Wasstrom presented the IMPULSE project,gave general information about INSPIRE Directive. Swedish experience on implementation ofspatial data infrastructure (SDI) and  Nordic cooperation  for SDI was introduced.During the technical sessions of the workshop Prof. Anders Ostmann demonstrate HALE software to the Macedonian stakeholders. Representatives of the Agency for Real Estate responsible for the working packages of the IMPULSE project presented the  process of harmonization of data sets, metadata and services.


In parallel, on 24.02.2016 national workshop on "Mass  valuation in Republic of Macedonia" has been organised.


At this workshop Mr. Hans Soderblom transfer the Swedish experience  about establishment of mass valuation, application and benefits. President of the Chamber of appraisers Ms. Nadica Mladenovska Krckovski presented the methodology of mass appraisal , while the representatives of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre had presentations about legislation related to the massvaluation , Register of prices and leases, VIP proceedings and future plans.


On the following link you can find the presentations of the two-day national workshop organized by the project IMPULSE