01.04 2016


In organization by the IMPULS project and the Republic Administration for Geodetic and Legal Property and Affairs of Republika Srpska, in the from 29 to 31 March 2016, in Banja Luka, was hold a round table on topic "National Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Balkan region, experiences and lessons lessons." The event was attended by the representatives from CadastralAgencies of the Balkan region and representatives of the NSDI Council in Republika Srpska.



In frame of the round table each country from the region presented their experiences in developing the legal and legislative framework for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Round table was a real opportunity to share experiences and learned lessons related to thedevelopment of path for adoption of the national laws of the NSDI.



Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Republic of Macedonia, on the roundtable hold two presentations on following topics: „Experiences and learned lessons“ and Obstacles and problems in the process of addoption of the law for the NSDI. The presentations can be downloaded at the following link: Experiences and learned lessons (.pdf) and Obstacles and problems in the process of addoption of the law for the NSDI (.pdf).