Professional spatial data in Macedonia

15.03 2017


In the Dutch Cadastre  newsletter ABROAD , March 2017, Ms. Paula Dijkstra had a brief overview for  the cooperation between the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Macedonia and the Dutch Cadastre in order to prepare a new strategy for NSDI. 


In attach  we have her  Declaration:


During the past five months colleagues from the Macedonian Agency for Real Estate cadastre (AREC) and Kadaster have worked together to draft a new strategy for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) for Macedonia. Also a report has been delivered with recommendations to improve the updating and production procedures  of the topographics map. According to the director of AREC, MR Slavce Trpeski, the updated strategy will facilitate access, sharing  use and distribution of standardised  spatial data and services  in an efficient, effective and coordinated manner:

“The aim is to meet the needs of private and public sector and citizens, thereby contributing to economic growth and sustainable development of the country“.

The report on the topographic map id based on: lessond learned after a visit to Kadaster, the input from users during a workshop and recommendations regarding the production procedures.