Property list

In order to use the data from the Geodetic - cadastral information system, through other state bodies, public services and other legal entities in electronic form the fee that is charged for property list is in the amount of 150 denars.

If you want to permit the property list for the property that you own and what is recorded in REC, you need to contact the reception desk in the cadastral department responsible for the territory where the real estate is located and apply:

  •  request in writing;
  •  proof of payment of the fee of 180 denars.

Payment can be made at the counter in the cadastre by payment with card at POS terminal or by deposit slip (PP 50) in a bank or in a post:


Note: Payments made through the systems for electronic banking (e-banking) are not recognized because the payment can not be verified in real time. The agency is working on finding a solution that will enable receipt and payment of this kind.


The duration of this service from the Cadastre is 10-20 minutes.



Free telephone number. If you have a complaint about the illegal actions of certain officials in the Cadastre, and to inquire information in which phase is the procedure for an item, contact the toll free number 0800 80 800.



Download application (pdf)