Certificate for historic record of the registrations in the REC

For issuing a Certificate for the historic record of the registrations in the REC for the property that you own and which has been registered in the Real Estate Cadastre, it is necessary that you address the front desk of the local cadastre office relevant for the territory where the real estate is located and bring forward:

  • Written application;
  • Evidence of paid fee for the services in the amount of 600 MKD.

The account number at which the fee for the service provided by AREC should be paid is posted or might be obtained at the information desk in each local cadastre office.

The time period for providing the service by the cadastre is 3 days.

Additional information

Free info line: If you have any complaints regarding certain illegalities in the performance of the cadastre officers and if you want to get information for the status of your case please call the free telephone number 0800 80 800.


Download application (pdf)