How to obtain a topographic map?

Fill-out the Application in the part - point 9 other data and submit the request to AREC personally, via regular mail, via telephone (2) 3204832, via fax (2) 3171668 or via e-mail:
The request needs to be submitted  with an administrative fee in the amount of 50,00 MKD, paid by payment order:


PP 50 Form

Treasury account: 100000000063095

Payment account: 84017703161

Revenue code: 722313.


Download application (pdf)


Make the payment at the following account in the nearest post office or bank:

Payment order form PP50: Account of budget user
Treasury account: Budget of  R. Macedonia – AKN 2100100450 787 11
Gyro account: 1 000 000 000 630 95; Revenue code 724116 20

Manner of filling out the payment order:

Collect your product

After your payment has been confirmed, AREC will inform you via the telephone or e-mail of the time when you can collect the requested product. This takes several days. The product can be collected at the AREC – the headquarters or via regular mail in your place of residence.

Shorter procedure

If you bring an evidence of your payment to the headquarters of the AREC in Skopje, you can immediately collect the maps in printed form. For other products, preparations take one to several days, depending on the type and quantity of your order.

In general, AREC provides packed printed maps (in a folded form) to the clients. An unfolded map can be obtained only in case if the client personally comes to collect the map.