Fee for a topographic map

The fee which is charged for a topographic map and other cartographic materials is:


- for 1 map in raster format geo-referenced on CD
MKD 600
- for 1 map in paper format
MKD 200

- for 1 map in vector format, with all of the thematic levels on CD

MKD 10 000

                       - for only one thematic level on CD

MKD 1600
- for 1 ortophoto map in black and white, geo-referenced on CD
MKD 700
- for 1 ortophoto map in paper format and geo-referenced on CD
MKD 900

- for 1 aerophotography in scale 1:40000 on CD


MKD 200

- for 1 digital terrain model map with 20m grid in scale 1:25000 on CD


MKD 2000











The specified fees don't include Value Added Tax –VAT.