The AREC hierarchy is defined according the following levels:

Deputy Director;
State Councillor;
Head of Sector;
- Help-Head of department;
- Head of department.

By type, the scope, complexity and mutual filiation and connections are formedAREC orgnaizative forms:

General Staff with:

­ Sectors;
­ Class independent;
­ Departments. 


­ Sectors;
­ Departments; 


Rulebook on systematisation of workplaces in the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre registered under no.01-21752/1 of 12.16.2013 year (.pdf)


Regulation to amend and supplement the Regulation on job systematization registered under the AREC nr.01-16063/of 09.09.  year 2014


More detailed information about the internal organization of the AREC you can get from the Rules of internal organization and operation of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre in the menu Legislation / general acts.