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When the new topographic maps have been produced? 

The new topographic maps in scale 1:25000 have been produced on the basis of the aero-photogrammetric survey performed in July 2004 under the Project “Production of a basic state map for the GIS in R. Macedonia”. The Project was implemented both by the State Authority for Geodetic Works (SAGW) and the Japanese International Development Agency (JICA) in the period from March 2004 until September 2006. Out of total 205, under the Project were produced 105 topographic maps in scale 1:25 000, which on the image bellow are marked with red colour. After the completion of the project, SAGW and now the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre (AREC) has continued independently to produce the remaining 100 maps in scale 1:25 000 and finished them at the end of December 2011. Topographic maps produced by AREC on the image bellow are marked in green.


If you want to download the index map for division of the sheets on the topographic map in scale 1:25 000, click on the map.

Which territory is covered with the new maps?

In July 2004, the whole territory of R. Macedonia was covered with aerial photos in black and white, in scale 1:40000. On the basis of these aerial photos, for the whole territory of R. Macedonia were produced ortho-photo maps in scale 1:25000, regular 20 meter grid surface model, topographic maps in digital (raster and vector) and paper form and a digital terrain model.

For protection of the confluence region of the Ohrid Lake was established GIS data base which covers an area of 31 topographic maps (surface highlighted on the photo above)

What are the differences between the old and the new maps?
Besides the fact that the new maps which are produced on the basis of the survey data from July 2004 are updated, there are other differences between the new and the old maps:

Changed categories
Old maps New maps
Year of production
1960 - 1970 2004 - 2006 and after 
Form of the data
Paper form Paper and digital form
Macedonian (Roman alphabet) Macedonian (Cyrillic alphabet)
Method of delivery of the paper maps
Not packed  Packed/Not packed
Information outside the margins The line of scale Legend
The line of scale
Mathematic basis 
Record of production 
Method of survey 
Index map




Is it possible the already purchased data to be used for commercial purposes?

The cartographic data can be used by the users only for the purpose for which they have been issued i.e. for the clients’ purposes. The users must not multiply, change, process, publicize or provide the data to the use of other people i.e. be used in commercial purposes without written approval by AREC i.e. without any specific  agreement that will define the relationship between AREC and the data user.

Who to contact if you have specific questions for the topographic maps?

For any information, please contact the Department for Cartography within AREC

Contact info:  
АREC – Department for Cartography
Office hours: 08:30-16:30h (Monday-Friday)
telephone: (2)3204832
fax: (2)3171668