Use of the “e-Kat Counter“ service


For the needs of the external users, AREC has provided a web application called “e-Kat Counter“ which can be used to search or browse and issue data from the geodetic cadastre information system of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre.

To access the “e-Kat Counter“, the users need to have compatible devices such as: personal computer with  Windows XP operative system or a newer version of the same, scanner with possibility for export in pdf format, access to internet with at least 2 Mbps speed, digital certificate issued by an authorized issuer and a token, payment card supported by the “e-Kat Counter“, Acrobat Reader software and an internet browser Mozilla Firefox (version 21) .


Steps for conclude a contract for e-kat counter (.pdf)


 If you want to register to use the “e-Kat Counter“of the Agency for REC, download the contract:


Contract for use of the e-Kat counter for notaries and private geodetic companies (.pdf)


In order to enable access to the application, the following needs to be installed:

    1. VPN client (download installation)

    2. Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox)

    3. Gemalto Classis Client or any other client application for loading the token on which the digital certificate is stored (download installation).


Manual for reading the serial number of the certificate (.pdf)

Manual for installation and connection with VPN client (.pdf)

Manual for access to service e-kat counter (.pdf)


The user manuals for eKat counter can be downloaded from the following links:


Manual for use fot the module E-PROPERTY LIST (.pdf)
Manual for use fot the module E-LEGAL BASIS (.pdf)
Manual for use fot the module E-GEODETIC REPORT (.pdf)
Instructions for issuing data for digital geodetic report (.pdf)


If you have any problems with application, please contact the phone number for technical support 02 / 3171-733.


If you are a registered user, please log in here.